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Um, do you like my new head shot?

It’s mama bear, caught by my neighbor’s wilderness camera many years ago.  I love it because the eyes of the bear speak to me.

Did you know the Dalai Lama is fond of insects?  Such intuitive compassion for all living things.  Sometimes the most important are those that are the smallest.

In a few weeks, the black bears we share the meditation retreat with will be going into hibernation.  They’re extra hungry now.  They hibernate mid-November and awake in spring.  They’re eating the last of the manzanita berries, tiny insects, and even the birdseed Charles leaves out for the smaller birds. Continue reading “Mama Bear”

The Last Dalai Lama?, nischala cryer, Dalai Lama, Last night, Nakula and I went to see the film “The Last Dalai Lama?” an uplifting tribute to a remarkable soul.  During the film, His Holiness explains that he thinks about dying every day, and his last dying breath.  He is 82 and still going strong.  He says he will always know his last dying breath.  Then laughingly he adds that unless he is in an airplane and it goes down into the water, “then I don’t know,” he laughs again. Continue reading “The Last Dalai Lama?”

Evacuation Plans, nischala cryer, blog,Recently, our friends in Santa Rosa were deluged by cataclysmic fires.  Families lost homes, others were evacuated.  Lives were turned upside down in just minutes.

Now, evacuation plans circulate our community. We’ve had close calls here, too.

One evening this fall, neighbors and evacuees gathered on Maidu Ridge to watch the approaching inferno.   Earlier in the day, our son was helping a friend evacuate.  He told us the fire was in his friend’s backyard. Continue reading “Evacuation Plans”