What others are saying about The Four Stages of Yoga:


“In the tradition of all great storytellers, Nischala Cryer weaves thought-provoking tales, beautifully illustrating the intricacies, blessings, and challenges experienced in the four stages of life. Deeply inspiring.”

Jamey and Darlene Potter, New Renaissance Bookstore, Portland, Oregon


“In a most engaging way, Nischala Cryer explains the traditional stages of a yoga practitioner’s life by weaving into that paradigm the story of her own spiritual journey. She shares this journey, and deftly draws in the reader, by sharing fascinating stories and observations of her private interactions with some of today’s spiritual leaders. She excites us with her tale, while simultaneously reminding us that, in truth, the highest journey is always to be found in our own hearts.

“Highly recommended for both students and teachers of yoga. You will be entertained and educated with a soft and lyrical touch. Inspiring!”

Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, PT, C-IAYT, E-RYT, yoga teacher since 1971, founding member of Yoga Journal, author of nine books including Restore and Rebalance: Yoga for Deep Relaxation.


“Yoga is an ancient science of Self-Realization, physical well-being, and psychological transformation. In this book the author, Nischala Cryer, offers her deep knowledge from many years of Yoga study and practice, applied to our own psychological and spiritual stage development, as exemplified in the four natural stages of growth in life, or four Ashrams, as taught in Indian spirituality. She has expressed these universal truths in such a practical and entertaining way, everyone, whether beginner or advanced in Yoga & Meditation, will enjoy and benefit greatly. This book is greatly needed today to advance an newly emerging understanding of stage development, which was only expressed previously in seed form in traditional spiritual teachings.”

Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati, Rishikesh, India


“You buy this book to figure out what to do with your kids. You keep reading, because suddenly it is about yourself. Then you want to give it to your parents, or your grandparents, but you can’t, because soon you will become them and will need it to guide your progress into, and through, the inevitable stages of life. This is a classic subject, but usually people write about it intellectually. I don’t think it has ever been done in this how-to-live way. Entirely practical, with life-changing implications.”

Asha Nayaswami, author, yogi in the fourth stage of life


“Understanding the ancient wisdom of The Four Stages of Yoga is an essential asset to those treading the path of yoga. Thank you, Nischala, for your heartfelt clarity, which, when enhanced through stories, encourages us to celebrate each stage. Through the telling we are inspired to adapt the yogic practices to each stage, embracing spiritual enlightenment.”

Nischala Joy Devi, teacher, author of The Healing Path of Yoga and The Secret Power of Yoga


“The four ashrams, or stages of life, of Indian tradition have been virtually ignored by even the most ardent devotees of yoga and Hindu philosophy in the West, on the assumption that they are from a vastly different culture and a distant era. By presenting them as stages of yoga, or of spiritual development, Nischala Cryer has made a valuable contribution. Spiritual practitioners of all paths will find her framework practical, useful, and illuminating.”

Philip Goldberg, author American Veda and The Life of Yogananda”


“I love this book! The author’s many life experiences and interviews with other yoga practitioners make for fascinating reading, marrying the most high-minded spiritual principles with a grounded life as a mother, wife, teacher, yogi, and nature-lover. Read this book! You will be inspired by her loyalty to her teachers as well as her expansiveness to truth-seekers of all traditions.”

Susan Usha Dermond, education consultant, former school principal, author of Calm and Compassionate Children.


“This very readable narrative provides a firsthand account of life within a uniquely American spiritual community, seen through the developmental stages: learning, family, deep inquiry, and wisdom.”

Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Director/Master of Arts in Yoga Studies, Loyola Marymount University


“One of the first books that explains in detail what it means to live the four stages of yoga. The author gives an insightful description of lifelong education that this way of living entails. The author herself has been involved with such an education. This book is inspirational, scientific, and useful. You can use it as a guidebook if you are interested in integrating science and spirituality. An inspiring guide for life!”

Dr. Amit Goswami, quantum theoretical physicist, author of The Self-Aware Universe


“Ancient knowledge from the higher civilizations, when applied to everyday life, is reflected throughout his entertaining and educational book. An inspiring new contribution to the field of yoga, ideal for all ages!”

Walter Cruttenden, Founder of The Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK), author of The Lost Star of Myth and Time


“I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!”

Savitri Simpson, author of The Meaning of Dreaming and Chakras for Starters


“Everyone loves a good story and The Four Stages of Yoga delightfully flows from one fascinating story to another. Nischala Cryer’s fresh and fluid writing style brings each story to life, while she artfully weaves a gentle spiritual message into the narratives—a message rich in beauty and power because of the personal experience behind it. I especially appreciated her insights into the first two stages of life. But no matter what stage of life you’re in, whether you’re new to yoga or a longtime devotee, you’ll find inspiration here.”

Carol Malnor, MS in Education, co-Publisher and editor of Dawn Publications, author of eight children’s books and the card deck Nature’s Portals: Inspiration through the Peace and Beauty of Nature


“This book offers the collected wisdom of a lifetime, and important insights to help anyone consciously use the natural rhythms of a lifetime for their own and others’ spiritual benefit. You will find insights, practical suggestions, wise counsel, large-hearted humor, and accessible inspiration no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Read it slowly and savor.”

Joseph Selbie, author of The Physics of God


“Through imaginative stories, true-life interviews, personal experiences, and ancient yogic wisdom, Nischala Cryer offers a vision of the purpose behind each stage of life. This book is a guide to living with fulfillment and enlightenment.”

Nayaswami Devi, co-Spiritual Director of Ananda Sangha Worldwide, co-author of Touch of Joy.


“This book is moving, entertaining, and full of wise insights for those engaged with yoga, nature, and the journey of life!”

Joseph Cornell, Founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide, author of Deep Nature Play and AUM: The Melody of Love

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